• What security measures do you have?

Keys are kept secure and safe and no key can be identified to any property. Your personal information will never be shared with or sold to any 3rd party in accordance to the data protection act.

  • What happens in the event of an emergency?

In the event of an emergency, I will contact you immediately. If your dog requires veterinary attention, then I will take your dog to you named vet or the nearest vet depending on the degree of urgency. This will all be discussed in our introductory visit.

  • Are you police checked?

Yes, we both have and this can be shown to you with on our visit.

  • Are you insured?

Yes, we hold full public liability insurance. A copy of this certificate can be provided on our visit.

  • Do you use treats?

On occasion we will use treats to reward good behaviour however we will ask your permission for this beforehand.

  • Does my dog need to wear a collar and tag?

Yes, the control of Dogs order 1992 requires that most dogs wear a collar and disc tag showing the name and address of the owner.

  • Does my dog have to be fully vaccinated?

Yes, your dog must be fully vaccinated the only exception is during puppy home visits.

  • How many Dogs do you walk at one time?

We will walk up to 4 dogs at a time (depending on the dogs) each, this will insure they have our full attention and are safe.

  • Will you walk my dog in all weathers?

Yes, we will walk your dog come rain or shine the only exception would be in severe weather conditions where it may present a risk to your dogs safety.

  • What If I need to cancel a walk?

We require at least 24 hours notice to cancel walks either by text, phone or email. If you wish to cancel a regular service then I would require at least 2 weeks notice.

  • Do you allow dogs off their lead?

Yes, with written consent from you and only when we are in dog safe areas away from roads. We will also only do this if I am confident that your dog will come back when called. Of course not everyone wishes their dog to be let off their lead and that is fine there is also the option of allowing them to exercise on a 10 meter lead so they get the opportunity to run around safely.

  • When can you walk my dog?

We can walk your dog as little or as often as you like. I am available to walk your dog 5 days a week. Boarders and Day care is 7 days a week.

  • Do you charge if we are away and take our dog with us?

No, unlike a lot of Dog walkers we do not charge you all we ask is that you give me as much notice as you possibly can.

  • How do I pay?

Payment is weekly, you will receive an invoice for the care provided which can be paid either by cash or bank transfer.

  • Where do you walk my dog?

We will walk your dog within your local area. If there is a specific park or walk that you would prefer then we will try my best to accommodate.

  • What areas do Fenny’s Furballs cover?

Fenny’s Furballs is based in Castle Donington but covers most of North West Leicestershire. Please message to see if we cover your area!

  • Where are you based?

I am based in Castle Donington.

  • Do you provide doggy poo bags?

Yes, We will provide them free of charge.

  • Is the introduction visit free?

Yes, the introduction visit completely free of charge. It enables us to meet your pets and you and your pets to meet us.

  • How long does a puppy/cat/small animal visit last?

Each visit will last for 20 minutes.

  • Does my Dog need Kennel Cough?

No, it is not essential but advisable. Your animal must have all of its other vaccinations and regular flea and worm treatment in order to stay with us.



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